Catching up – Security Analyst Summit 2014

Security Analyst Summit 2014 - Punta Cana

Yeah, well. A bit late… I know.

This last months have been a complete madness. But, a good madness, I have to say.
So I will try to catch up with a few quick posts.

I’ve been contacted by the Kaspersky guys, and invited to give a joint talk at his private summit about Computrace. This guys: Vitaly Kamluk and Sergey Belov are two amazing researchers that, after finding an activated instance of computrace in his personal computers, did what it wass needed to do. Research it and attack it.

In this joint talk I’ve presented our (with Alfredo Ortega) original findings, and introduced the topic so them could show yours, together with some new -remote- attacks they’ve worked on.
This was an extremely cool conference. Really good researchers, good presentations with several parallel tracks that allow you to choose the one that fits better with your interests.

Honestly. The Hard Rock Hotel is an excellent place to held a security conference. Definitely Kaspersky knows how to do it 😉
Here you can take a look to the report published by kaspersky about his findings and attacks:


~ by aLS -- on August 14, 2014.

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