Peludo “Cachicamo” Beta 1.0 is finally out!


Oh yeah!. Have you heard about Peludo from the Netifera guys?

You should. From the netifera’s page:

Peludo is a system to create and run platform independent, self-contained and injectable applications written in the C programming language. It provides a cross compiling environment with the tools to generate applications in Peludo’s new binary format (PLD). The system also provides the runtime necessary to launch these programs as independent executable files or as position independent code that can be injected into a runnning process. Peludo makes the netifera probe’s Java virtual machine injectable and easier to port to new platforms.”

This is just a beta release. By now it only supports Linux/x86 and FreeBSD/amd64 as host and Linux/i386 as target platform but you can bet the Netifera guys are gonna extend this in nothing.

Inside Peludo’s tgz you will find a very complete documentation about what Peludo is and how it works together with a fully commented source code and very clear use instructions.

You can download it here.

~ by aLS -- on December 25, 2009.

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