Hey all – First Post

Come here nerds of the world!. Here you’ll find a nice(??) place to talk (or read) about Reverse Engineering, Exploit writing, Vulnerability research, Ring 0 vulns, debuggers and all kind of related stuff..

I currently work in the Exploit Writing Team at Core Security Technologies, and i must say, i learn a lot in this work. I usually take a lot of notes about the things i learn so, this will be the place.

A little info about me:

Just the minimum necesary. I’ve been playing in the security area all my life but what I really love to do is just learn how the things work… and technology, of course. So, i think that explains a bit why i like so much reading/writing assembly, of any kind… I love reversing software, drivers, those cute hardware black boxes… even lockpicks!. So, the posts will mostly be about that topics.

And of course, we will have a few chunks of useful code too (Usually ASM, C and Python i think) I like a lot of other non-nerdy things too like cars, music, movies, tv series, pc/ps2 games, xtreme sports, politics, etc.

If you’re finding a more professional description of myself go to: http://www.linkedin.com/in/asacco …I think it will do the job.

Well dudes… i expect a lot of you reading and not posting. Thats normal, that’s what i mostly do, but, if you think that some post reeeaallly deserves a reply… i’ll be here to read it. See ya soon!

~ by aLS -- on February 7, 2007.

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